What are Minx Nails?

Minx nails

In our definition, a Minx is a sexy, confident, naughty but fun individual who lives life to the max, just as it should be.

The latest fashion trend worn by celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and the like. Minx is a new and glamorous way that lets women (and men) extend fashion to their fingers and toes. So if you love fashion, you will love Minx……what you waiting for bring the Minx out in you now.

Minx nails £22.00

Vinylux Nails

Vinylux nailsVINYLUX™ is a revolutionary weekly polish system offering durable, high-shine and week-long wear

An innovative system includes a self-adhering colour coat that eliminates the need for base coat, and a top coat that becomes more durable when exposed to natural light to ensure no chipping or scratching for at least one week.

In consumer testing of hundreds of manicures, more than 80 percent of clients had no chipping after seven days.

VINYLUX™ dries completely in just eight and a half minutes compared to standard nail polish that dries in 15-20 minutes on average

62 fashion-forward polish colours to suit weekly desires, over 30 colours match popular CND Shellac™ shades, for at-home touch-ups and pedicures

See the colour range available here – check with us for availability first

Whats New at CND?

New CND Shellac and Vinylux “Rhythm & Heat” Summer Collection. Evoke the tropics, soak in the hues. Inspired by lush, humid climates and the colourful nails dripping in art worn by Cuban cigar rollers, Rhythm & Heat evokes a tropical jungle mood.

Vinylux file & polish from £8.50

Shellac Nails

CND Shellac “Duraforce Top Coat” is the toughest, most durable top coat designed to strengthen and protect nails against breakage and daily wear.

A revolutionary hybrid that has the durability and shine of a gel and the look of a polish. The beauty world is raring about the shellac craze. This new revolutionary product is changing the way women get their nails manicured and their feet pedicured. Shellac nails look as good if not better than Acrylic nails without the damage. 

Shellac nails last up to 14 days without loosing shine or shimmer. They are hard and do not scratch or smudge and are instantly dry. When it comes to removal it as easy as 1,2,3 and it does not damage the nail in any way.

Make your Friday night a Shellac night.

Shellac On hands £25.00
Shellac On Toes £20.00
Rock Star Shellac £30.00
Shellac on hands and toes £38.00
Shellac French Manicure £27.00
Removal of Shellac (2 weeks) £10.00

Shellac nailsSpa Treatment

Spa Manicure £18.00
Spa Pedicure £26.50
Nail Express £10.00
Paraffin Wax Treatment £15.00

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