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CBD Spa Treatments

We are very excited to incorporate CBD into our services as part of our continuous efforts to source the best in health and wellness solutions for our clients.

The decision to add CBD to our treatment services is based on the vast therapeutic potential of ‘cannabinoids’. CBD the non toxic non psycho-active component of the hemp plant has an incredible healing range and impacts some of the key health and wellbeing concerns we currently face such as pain, poor sleep, low mood and stress.

The new CBD body massage and facial treatments aim to provide benefits that include increased collagen production, moisturisation, anti –ageing ,anti-inflammation, pain reduction, relaxation and overall improved skin health and can be combined with added treatments such as Hot Stones or Reflexology for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

A full range of CBD enhanced products such as tinctures, massage balms and anti-ageing skincare will also be available for purchase.

CBD Spa Treatments at Beauty & Complimentary Health

CBD Body Massage

Customised body massage using organic CBD massage oil. Dedicated to targeting pain, inflammation, fatigue and helping the body create homeostasis. Great for people wanting to de-stress and eliminate pain.

CBD Back Massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage using organic CBD massage oil to ease and target pain, discomfort and stress in the neck, back and shoulders.

CBD Facial

Customised facial using organic CBD infused skincare and organic CBD massage oil. A total relaxing and rejuvenating experience targeted to address all skin concerns increasing circulation, the production of collagen and skin elastin. The treatment includes a deep cleansing ritual, a steam infusion and lymphatic organic CBD oil massage. Great for clients with client with anti-ageing skincare concerns.

CBD Infused Facial

A CBD infused facial using organic infused skincare. This mini facial is the perfect pick me up for those with busy lives. Skin will be refreshed and the body will regain balance.

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