Sugaring Hair Removal

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring hair removalSugaring is the latest and oldest method of removing body and facial hair, recognised as becoming the most effective method currently in use today. It has been practised for thousands of years by generation upon generation of middle Eastern women.

Ancient Egyptians placed a high importance on cosmetics both for aesthetic and practical purposes, for instance kohl eye make up. They also shaved their faces and bodies for hygienic and cosmetic reasons by using razors, hair cutters and tweezers.  These methods were primitive and painful until the discovery of sugaring.

Sugaring is a natural alternative method which removes the hair by the roots, leaving the skin soft and smooth for weeks. It is a pliable paste made from pure natural ingredients. Totally safe to use on any skin and hair type, most varicose veins and diabetics. Hair growth is finer and more sparse with regular treatment.


Lip or chin £6.00
Lip and chin £11.50

Bikini sugaringEyebrow shape from £7.50

1/2 leg £15.50
3/4 leg £20.00
Full leg £26.00

1/2 arm £13.50
Full arm £16.00

Underarm £8.50

Bikini line £10.50

Brazilian strip £19.00
Brazilian full £30.00

Hollywood part £26.00
Hollywood plus £42.00

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Compare Sugaring and Waxing


Sugaring uses natural ingredients such as sugar, water, lemon juice, and essential oils.
Effect: This makes you less susceptible to allergies and skin sensitivity, particularly in tender areas of the body.

Waxing ingredients are mostly artificial, that include resins, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, and dyes.
Effect: Use of artificial ingredients makes you more susceptible to the development of allergies and the like.


During application, the sugaring paste can be used when it is lukewarm.
Effect: Sugaring does not cause severe/painful burns.

Whereas wax has to be substantially hot in order for it to be effective.
Effect: Waxing is likely to cause burns and can be very harsh on the skin.

Application & Removal Technique

  • Sugar paste is applied and removed in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Sugar paste can be applied all over the area and removed in one go, without the use of any strips.
  • When the sugaring paste is removed, it only takes all the accumulated dead cells with it.

Effect: Sugaring is less painful, solves the problem of ingrown hair, and prevents the development of bumps after the process. Hair growth is finer with each process.

  • Whereas wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Wax is applied and removed in small patches with the use of waxing strips, because wax tends to harden if left for too long.
  • Waxing removes accumulated dead cells, but may also remove live skin cells in certain cases.

Effect: Removal of live skin cells means your skin may be stripped off you (in rare cases) if it is too sensitive. Your skin is prone to the development of ingrown hair and bumps after the process.


Since sugaring contains natural ingredients, it is hard for bacteria to survive in the sugar paste. It is also easy to clean off with plain water in case of spillage as it does not harden.
Effect: Your body is less susceptible to infections and post-hair-removal allergies.

In wax, it is easy for bacteria to survive because of the number of artificial ingredients used. It is also difficult to clean up as it hardens quickly.
Effect: Since it is easy for bacteria to survive in wax, it is likely to cause more harm to the skin.

Other Parameters

  • Sugaring is effective on all hair types.
  • Your hair need be only 1/8th of an inch for you to go for sugaring.
  • The time period that elapses between one hair removal procedure and the next is longer.

Effect: With sugaring, you are cleaner for longer, and in emergencies, sugaring is the perfect option for you.

  • Waxing will get rid of thicker hair (usually the result of shaving).
  • For waxing to be effective, the hair has to be substantially long.
  • The hair grows back relatively quickly.

Effect: You have to wait till your hair grows back to a suitable length to get waxed.

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