Autumn beauty tips

Beauty tips for Autumn

The leaves are changing colour, it’s getting cooler and the nights are drawing in.

But there’s no need to hide away just yet!!!

Use the changing seasons as the kick start you need to revamp your beauty regime and really embrace the glorious colours of autumn.

Not sure how to go about it? Check out our autumn beauty tips to get you started.

Rehydrate your skin

Autumn beauty tipsAutumn is the perfect time address the balance of your skin. If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some serious sun during the summer, the chances are your skin needs a bit of a moisturising boost to get it back to its radiant self. The most suitable moisturiser for you will depend on your skin type, but the key is getting in routine and regularly applying a facial moisturiser that works for you. Getting in a regular moisturising routine now can help prepare your skin for winter and reduce the damage that cold temperatures and wind can do.

Take care of your hair

Again, the cold weather that autumn heralds can do all sorts of damage to your hair. Act now to reduce the damage winter can do – and avoid hiding your luscious locks under a hat all season! Consider applying an intense moisturising mask every week or so, or as often as your chosen product recommends, to avoid brittle and dry hair when the cold weather sets in.

Consider a detox

After all the barbecues and weddings of summer, and in preparation for the Christmas period, the autumn can be a great opportunity to get a healthy detox under your belt. Cut down on the alcohol and fatty foods, stock up on fruit, veg and water. There aren’t many parts of your body that won’t benefit from a bit of a health-kick. Autumn is also a good time to start that exercise regime you’ve been meaning to for all this time – as long as the rain holds off just long enough…

Embrace the colours of autumn

That’s enough beauty preparation for us – it’s time to think of the present! The changing season brings a whole host of beautiful reds, oranges and browns to our surroundings. This Autumn, why not reflect those changes in your make-up. Consider a peachy blusher instead of your usual pink, or try a dusky brown eye-shadow or liner. You could also try colouring your hair an autumnal shade of brown or red – if that sounds a bit drastic, then consider highlights in similar shades rather than an all-over colour.

Don’t forget what you can no longer see

Much less of your body will be on show throughout autumn than it was through summer, but that’s no reason to neglect your body. Tackle problem skin on your legs and arms by exfoliating and moisturising and try and tackle those cracked heels with a soak-in foot balm. That way, when the sun does come out on one of those gloriously warm autumnal days, you’ll be ready!