Eye Definition

Eyelash tintingEyes are said to be the windows to the soul and frame the whole face.

Imagine thicker, darker, longer curved lashes to truly tamed brows.

New eyebrow and eyelash tinting by “Refectocil” for naturally beautiful eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

Create a total look that gives you the feeling of being beautiful and perfectly styled 24 hours a day.

Refectocil colour range

With colour match in 9 shades each style classy to flashy can be matched individually.

La-La-LashesEyebrow Shape £7.50

Eyebrow tint £5.50

Eyelash tint £10.50 

Eyelash extension by Lash Perfect from  £20.00

Glam Lashes £30.00

Eyelash Perm from £25.00

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